Bowls Etiquette
Before the match:
  • It is important to arrive in plenty of time to change and get prepared for the match
  • Ensure that you observe the correct dress code for the game
  • As captain, you should make your presence known to the Captain of the day from the opposing team as soon as you arrive.
  • Check your playing position and ensure you have any additional equipment you may need – chalk, measure, pen etc.

Courtesy and friendliness towards other club members and opponents is a very important part of the game and should be observed throughout it.

At the start of the match:
  • It is important to shake hands with your opponents and introduce yourself.
During the match:
  • Maintain a friendly approach by acknowledging your opponents good bowling and accept their good fortune when it occurs.
  • Avoid distracting others when it is their turn to bowl.
  • Stand quietly behind the bowler when bowling is in progress, and well behind the jack when at the head.
  • Take care not to damage the green by bouncing your bowl or otherwise scuffing the surface of the grass.
  • The skip should always be encouraging and positive to team members, and should stay quiet when an opponent is on the mat.
  • It is important to be honest with youorself when bowling and in assessing your own performance, and not be critical of others.
  • Good etiquette requires us not to criticise the condition of the green at another club.
  • Above all, treat the match with due seriousness and concentration.
At the end of the match:
  • Shake hands with your opponents and congratulate or commiserate with them.
  • It is helpful if everyone assists in putting away the jack, mats, scoreboards etc.
  • It is customary for the players of the home team to offer to buy a drink for their opposite number and for the offer to be reciprocated later.
  • It is courteous to stay for the refreshments offered by the home team. If you cannot stay, let your Captain know before the match starts and explain and apologise to your opponents.
Good sportsmanship is a vital part of bowls matches. It is important to be modest in victory and generous in defeat. A few words of praise and support for members of your own team or your opponents are always highly valued and greatly appreciated. We should always respect and be proud of our club.
The more you put into the game, the more you will gain from it.